Psychic Readings

What is a Psychic Reading?

The word Psychic is based on the Greek word Psyche. Psyche originally meant breath (as in breath of life) meaning Soul or Spirit. Later on, it began to refer to the Mind and Emotions - thus the term Psychologist. Psychic Readings perceive or 'divine' your life in relation to the Soul, Spirit, Mind and Emotions. These inner experiences which define how we deal with everyday life.

Who is a Psychic?

A "Psychic Reader" is someone who was born with, or has learned to be sensitive to Psychic patterns by inner voice, sight and touch. Readers interpret these patterns in ways that make sense to another. Psychic Readers are known by many names and are found all over the world, in all walks of life. Psychics usually embrace a deep curiosity early in life which can set them out on Spiritual Paths. On these paths are discovered different tools for divination, some of which are as old as mankind. Psychics naturally have a profound reverence for life.


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Spiritual Paths

There are as many Spiritual Paths as there are people in the world. Each one leads to the same place. A few paths intersect and some paths take the traveler on long journeys through deserts and mountains. Some paths go through obstacle courses and some are straight roads. Quite a few paths merge along the way, and some even turn onto super highways or major world religions. All paths have lessons to be learned and wonders to be seen. No one path is better than any another. The lessons to be learned are the same. Psychic Readers specialize in exploring these paths and recognizing these lessons.

Psychic Readers are Not Fortune Tellers

Life is full of surprises. Would you really have it any other way? Many people who seek out the console of a Psychic Reader already know what to expect. If you're in a destructive relationship, it's probably only going to get worst - unless you take steps to change it. If you're in a dead end job or you can't find work, nothing will change unless you change first. There are a few readers who can 'see the future', but believing wholesale claims of predicting your fortune can interfere with your free will and should be taken with a grain of salt. A Psychic Reading can be a reality check that will encourage you to take the steps you already know you should take.

The Tools of Divination

The word Divination begins with the word Divus or Divinus which means coming from God. Divination means allowing ones God - whether that is science or religion, to address a situation like looking for water or trying to understand love. Honest intent and a clear channel are the keys. Each path offers tools for Divination. These tools carry no special power except that they help us to get beyond our own personal thoughts and on to matters of deeper wisdom and what our souls need us to know. Psychic Readings are only one way used by spirit to help each person take steps along their own path.

What a Psychic Reading can Not do for You

Calling up a Psychic will not make money rain from the sky. It will not bring back a lost love. A Psychic Reading will however confront the real reasons for monetary or emotional loss. A Psychic Reading won't do the work for you. Don't fall for spectacular advertisments and unrealistic promises. Anyone who says they can burn some candles and say some words to create the life you dream of is only taking your money and might even matters worst. Your future is your own to create led by your own Soul, Spirit, Mind and Emotions. A Psychic Reading could be the first step you take towards taking control of your life and reclaiming your own personal power.

Finding The Right Psychic

It may take a few calls to find the right Psychic for your needs. This reader will be a good listener and have a voice that you are comfortable listening to. They won't burn up your time talking about themselves. The right Psychic won't be telling you what you want to hear. They will be telling you what you need to know. Listen to your intuition and you will know if the person you are talking to is really interested in you or your money.

Different Styles of Psychic Readings

Each Psychic is different and offers their own tools and talents. Some are born with the gift of discernment and can immediately tell if you are hiding the truth. Some have developed tools such as Astrology, Numerology, and the Tarot which they use to perceive your spiritual character. Some Readers will walk you through the steps they are taking in their readings and some will only talk about what they see and never mention their tools at all.

Good vs. Evil

There is nothing either Good nor Evil in a Psychic Reading. These are things brought in by the participants. Listen to your intuition. If the message is meant to help you out of an unhealthy situation than consider whether it is good for you. If on the other hand, you hear the words you need to hear, and know in your heart that you need to act to make something better ... and you refuse to act ... then that might be considered evil.

Psychic Lines

Since the 1980's internet and telephone Psychic Lines have literally filled the world with Psychic Readings. There are a few issues that should be considered when choosing a Psychic Line to work with.
Are they too busy? A busy Psychic Line may be tempted to contract unqualified readers, or people who are not Psychic at all to cover the number of calls.
Are they not busy enough? A quality Psychic Reader needs to receive enough calls to make it worth while to keep working. When you find a Psychic who is right for you, make them your regular reader.
Are the Psychics ranked on a talk time criteria? Meaning, do they get more calls based on how long they keep a person on the phone? A good Psychic Line should be based on fixed time - per call basis, not a per minute basis. The per minute factor encourages less than honorable readers to stretch out the call. Real Psychics want to help you heal not run up your credit card charges.

Self Empowerment

Psychic Readings can be a source of unvested insight. A Psychic Reader will show you how to overcome problems by helping you "own" your thoughts, emotions and actions. During a reading, you will recognize habitual thoughts and actions that you know you need to change. Just getting a reading won't solve any of your problems. But, it can be the swift kick you need to break a destructive cycle. A number of Psychics can sense health issues, and all recommendations should always be taken up with a medical doctor.

Avoid Psychic Traps

Psychics should never try to sell you anything. They might recommend a book, ritual, or meditation that applies to your life, but it is up to you to take the needed steps. Scams to avoid include the psychic buying special candles and doing spell work to bring you good luck or love. Avoid anyone who tells you to hold on for a few minutes while they "meditate" on your situation. Real channels do not work that way and they are just burning up your time. Be cautious of any Psychic Reader who tells you to call back for more readings in too short a time frame.

Counseling Dependence

Taking responsibility for our own life can be a difficult choice. We are always much too willing to blame anyone else (except ourselves) for trouble in our lives. It's like the child who knows better but does it anyway, self indulgence in destructive behavior is an indication that we refuse the responsibilities of life. People who refuse to act on their own without first asking a Psychic Reader often ignore their own inner voice and can be looking for permission from another to continue with thoughts and actions which they already know they need to change.

Developing Psychic Abilities

There are quite a few ways to develop your own Psychic abilities. These are found in every World Religion or can be sought out independently. Many books and programs are available to help you along. Whichever path you choose, there are common conditions which apply to them all. Pure Intent to be a clear channel for divine will. Tolerance and Acceptance for values and beliefs other than your own. Respect for the Free Will of others. Deep felt Thankfulness and Gratefulness for the chance to serve. The Divine Source speaks no language known to man - keep interpretation to a minimum by accepting and communicating the first impressions as you receive them.

Reading Tarot Cards

There are a couple of opinions as to the origin of Tarot Cards, the two most common being that 1) they have their come from ancient Egyptian mystic traditions or 2) they developed from the Italian game Tarrochi, the earliest examples of which come from around the year 1400. Regardless of the origin, their effectiveness as a tool withstands. The symbols and pictures found on various Tarot Decks are meant to invoke deep archetypal images in the card reader, opening channels to the wisdom and information of the Divine Source. There are a lots of Tarot Decks from which to choose and each will open different paths in the consciousness of the reader.

Horoscopes and Astrology

"One eye on the Star, and one eye on the Path" so goes an ancient saying. The patterns of the stars have been observed since man and woman first looked up. Relationships to the seasons, personalities and destiny have been noted for thousands of years. Learned Astrologers can reference volumes of information regarding this alignment. Daily Horoscopes can indicate only the most general trends. Psychic Readers who use Astrology can often draw accurate personality profiles as well as how general traits are influenced by the current astrological conditions. One of the most accurate predictive sciences. Modern computer software makes this system available to everyone.

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