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Intuitive Staffing and Consulting (ISC) is a Psychic Contracting Service. We are looking for sincere practitioners in the various arts of divination, Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Angel Therapy Practitioners, Sensitives and Intuitives of all kinds. We hold in high regard the different traditions.Intuitive Staffing

The Proprietor of ISC is a metaphysically inclined individual with over 35 years experience in the Mystic Arts as well as an experienced Tarot Reader and instructor. He has been contracting Psychics for over a decade. If you're looking for a Psychic Job - You've come to the right place!

Each Reader responds to referral calls from the comfort of their own homes or offices at whatever hours fit their schedule. This is an excellent way to supplement your current business, and earn income during hours that you have not scheduled your own clients. It can be developed into a reliable full time vocation. You are free and encouraged to continue your private practices.

Video, Chat and Phone Readers Needed!

Below is some useful information and suggestions for the Independently Contracted Psychics of ISC.

Independent Contractor Agreement and Contractors Statement of Skills

ISC establishes an Independent Contractor relationship with each individual. Every Psychic is an Independent Contractor and never considered an employee of ISC. Psychics determine when they want to work, and how much they want to work each day, week or month. ISC requires its Independent Contractors to acknowledge either by written or electronic signature the Independent Contractor Agreement and Statement of Skills accessed on this site. This Agreement and Statement must be completed, signed and returned to ISC, along with a promotional photo of yourself (preferably a headshot) and a completed Government form W-9, before any referrals can be made. Revisions to the Agreement/Statement are labeled with the upload date and left on the server in perpetuity for your protection. We strongly suggest that you promptly submit the Agreement/Statement, Gov. Form W-9, and your photo along with copies of any resume, business cards, certifications, degrees, or licenses to get started.


ISC compensates its Independent Contractors on a per call per minute basis. (See Current Compensation and Bonus Schedule Here) The total dollars paid to You during each calendar year will be reported annually to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC. You are solely responsible for the payment of any income and employment-related taxes. As an Independent Contractor, you will not be entitled to any employee benefits or workers' compensation or unemployment compensation. You may however be eligible for certain tax benefits related to your own business and are urged to treat this as a serious business opportunity.

  • Government form W-9 is your statement of identification. It can be downloaded and filled out in .Pdf format, saved to your computer and e-mailed directly to ISC. If you need help understanding and filling out this form please contact us for assistance. All parties accepted as independent contractors must fill out and return form W-9 prior to being compensated. Download Form W-9 Here (pdf).

Logging in and Taking Calls

Once you have been accepted as an Independent Contractor the crystal ball falls in your lap. Accessing the system to take calls is fast, flexible and easy. The real skill is being one of the few who can and will put in regular efforts to service the callers consistently. ISC is not interested in contracting with pipe dreams, we know that Vision without Action is Illusion. Take the steps to promote yourself wisely and log into the system regularly.

Self Promotion

Various systems let you promote your own specialized skills. In fact, the better you express your true talents, the greater you will receive callers who are looking for your particular skill set. Callers often first choose you based on 3 things: Your Picture, Psychic Stage Name and Short Description of your skills. They may then follow up by viewing a Longer Description of the services you offer and listening to your Voice Greetings. Every caller ... no matter how difficult at first, can become a regular customer. Treat each one like gold.

  • Listings

    Some systems will let you post your listing in different categories. The busiest are usually related to "Love and Relationships" and "Tarot". You can often create separate descriptions of your qualifications for each listing. The more listings that you put in, the greater will be the chance of callers looking for what you specifically offer.

  • Your Photo

    Before you can start taking calls, you should upload a photo of yourself to your listings. This is required by the system. If you don't have a digital camera, someone you know does. You can even take a regular photo to almost any copy center where they can scan it and e-mail it for you. ISC will be glad to assist you by trimming your picture and posting it to your listings. As a last resort, you can mail a photo to us and we will scan it and post it for you. Remember, this is one of the first 3 things any customer will see so it is important that it represent who you are.

  • Voice Greeting

    A large percentage of calls come in directly from the phone without ever seeing a web promotion of you so record your name and/or voice greeting right away. This should not need to be a long braggy message, in fact, the shorter the better. Callers are listening to your "Vibe" rather than your words. A good greeting will greet the caller, state your Psychic Stage Name and a brief discription of your skills and an encouragement to give you a call.

  • Schedule

    The ability to post a schedule to your listings and then sticking to that schedule will help new and repeat callers find you. Remember, if you don't log in, you won't get any calls. Creating and logging in with a schedule will dramatically increase the number of calls you get and help you increase your call back percentage. Adhearing to a schedule will help you fight laziness and the tendancy to play, rather than work.

  • Thank You Notes

    After you have given a reading, many programs give you the ability to send out thank you emails. It is suggested that you send every caller a thank you note. Often, after finishing a reading more information will come through on a person or situation. You can use this feature to touch base with your callers and let them know you have more insight into their conditions. Sometimes, you can even offer a few free minutes as an incentive, however, nobody gets compensated for free minutes so they should be given out in proportion to the time they have already spent with you. Think of these as an incentive rather than a reward and beware those who only call for 5 minutes then beg for more free minutes.

How are Psychics Ranked?

The business end of the stick does have it's realites and understanding what any one system is looking for will aid your success. Most systems have a ranking queue where better ranked readers have more exposure and more frequent calls.

Ranking systems are usually based on the following considerations: (1) Repeat Call Percentages, (2) Customer Reviews, and (3) Average Length of Calls (alc). So, it is wise to cultivate long term relationships, encourage your customers to leave a good review of your readings and certainly give each caller excellent in-depth readings.

Personal Contact Information

Never give out any personal information, your real name, e-mail address or location. This will only encourage the callers to try to contact you apart from the system and can potentially be very dangerous. While your callers may eventually become very close friends, they are still the customers of a company - so never allow contact outside the parameters of the system. Never make direct offers of services. Never do spell work for them. Let their problems remain their own - you can guide them but not do the work for them, you do not want to take on their Karma.

All companies have a Zero Tolerance Policy for readers who exchange direct contact information of any kind with the callers. I have seen very good readers blacklisted for exchanging email address or just giving out web addresses that can lead back to the reader. Just don't do it. In a few instances where the reader was found "walking" the customer to their own businesses or to other lines the company refused to pay the reader for time accrued.

Posers and Con Artists

As a precaution against unscrupulous callers and readers (crooks) each call is digitally recorded. Ninety Nine percent of your calls will never be listened to by another person however, there is a program in place which scans for phrases indicating a problem. Phrases such as "Send Me", "Mail Me", "Paypal" and "Western Union" will tag a call for review. Should any reader be found trying to scam a caller - they will immediately be removed from the system and reported to their local authorities.

Fighting the Fear of Service

We know that you want to do the best job possible for each caller. We know that we touch lives and can change lives in very significant ways. This can bring on feelings of anxiety and even fear. To overcome these feelings, reinterpret your feelings in positive terms. Rather than labeling what you feel as fear, practice seeing it as passion to do well. Don't run from the feeling - embrace it and draw from it. You find yourself empowered, drawing divine energy and expanding your spiritual channel. Don't let ill-defined feelings stand in the way of your success.

Lets Get Started

All of the above may seem like a lot, however most is just common sense. We encourage you to first seek inner guidance and do a reading on this opportunity for yourself. Psychic and Tarot Readers Wanted! You already know if you have the skills to help others and the submission process if fast and easy so Lets Get Started!